Our Story

I like old stuff.

Furniture, books, tools, you name it...

I restore old machinery. My favorite chisel is from a WWII carpentry shop. I eat my meals at a table I built using timbers from a 120 year old barn I dismantled. If it’s older than your Granddaddy, I’m a fan.

More than old things, I like the old ways of doing things. My family have been woodworkers since before we came over from Italy. I taught myself blacksmithing. I mill my own lumber on a sawmill I restored over the course of a summer. The furniture I build is reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement. I count John Ruskin and Gustav Stickley among my personal heroes. I don't buy anything I can make.

My flannel shirts are not ironic.

I’m a big guy. Barrel chested, like an old-timey boxer. Yes, I sport a handlebar moustache. Since I think using modern shaving products to maintain an antique moustache is a bit silly, I made a shaving brush and purchased a bowl of proper shaving cream in the fall of 2013. Even before making a single pass with the razor, I was hooked. The feel of a brush full of warm lather on my skin versus the cold alcohol gels I had used for years was a revelation. I started telling everyone I knew to try it. When people started requesting brushes of their own, Bare Knuckle Barbery was born.

I make each brush by hand 

...using responsibly harvested woods. The exotic woods I use come from sustainable sources. Domestic woods are harvested from salvaged trees, and milled on my sawmill, or purchased from other family-owned mills, some of them in operation for nearly 100 years.

Each handle is turned one at a time using traditional methods. No CNC machines or duplicators.

My hand finishing process lets the natural beauty of the wood shine through while ensuring years of use. The badger hair knots are specially manufactured to my specifications. Each knot is so densely packed with hair that their crowns “bloom” to nearly double their original diameter after a few uses. This results in a brush of outstanding feel and balance.

Shave with a work of art.

We all need more beauty in our lives. The materials for all of our handmade products are carefully selected to ensure they are something you will be proud not only to use, but to display. Bare Knuckle Barbery products will become the centerpiece of your grooming ritual. 

Throw in the Towel on your modern shave.

Tony Peterson, Founder.