Wet shaving isn't just a “Guy Thing”!

Do you dread shaving your legs, especially in the winter? The problem isn't you. It’s your shaving routine. Modern shaving gels are loaded with alcohols and propellants. No amount of artificial fragrance will stop stop those chemicals from drying out your skin. Applying a proper shaving cream with a brush lifts the hair and cleanses your pores, resulting in a smooth shave and soft, supple skin that no alcohol gel can match. No more razor burn, no more bumps, nicks, or scrapes. Drastically reduce ingrown hairs. 

Ladies, don't let the men keep this all to themselves! Our wonderfully soft shaving brushes and our imported luxury shaving creams are like nothing you've ever experienced. 


We also offer handmade wooden barrettes. Just a little natural beauty to complement your Natural Beauty.