Haymaker Moustache Wax

$ 10.00

The Heavyweight Champion of moustache waxes! A firm wax with exceptional tack and pliability thanks to locally sourced raw Wisconsin beeswax with bee propolis. We pick the beeswax up right at the bee farm and filter it ourselves. No harsh chemicals or bleaches like commercially available beeswax. This preserves the natural honey scent in the wax. Organic, fair trade coconut oil and lanolin will whip the unruliest moustache into shape in no time while leaving the skin and hair soft and conditioned. It's so nourishing, we have had customers report that using it heals dry, cracked hands! The natural aroma of honey and coconut is so fantastic, there's no need for any artificial fragrance! Jumbo glue stick style twist-up tube for ease of application. 

Contains: Raw Wisconsin beeswax with bee propolis, Organic fair trade coconut oil, Lanolin. 

Net Wt. 5/8oz 


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