Restored Geneva Straight Razor

$ 135.00

Shave-Ready, fully restored 5/8 square nose razor. Geneva Cutlery half hollow grind in unique "marbled" bakelite scales. The largest US razor manufacturer of the early 20th century, Geneva razors are prized as excellent shavers. No coffin.

All of our antique razors are painstakingly inspected and restored by our Honemaster, Obie Yadgar, a shaving guru with over 50 years of wet shaving and honing experience. Only the finest vintage razors are considered for restoration. Each blade is inspected under 100x magnification before and after honing. Honemaster Yadgar painstakingly restores and reshapes each edge before honing up to a 20,000 grit Suehiro Gokumio whetstone, the finest honing stone available; and then hand strops to ensure a flawless edge.  

All of our restored razors are one of a kind treasures, so don't delay! Someone might beat you to it!

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